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Florida Marketing provides the following local SEO services.

Keyword Optimization

Florida Marketing will research and analyze relevant keywords in your business' industry to select the most popular and less competitive keywords for your website. Boosting your search presence by choosing the best keywords that are relevant to your business' products and services. Your content will be optimized for user search intents using keywords relevant to user search queries.

Content Optimization

Making your pages reliable for users to find what they are looking for. Improving your page content for readability and noticeability to make your pages stand out at the top. Also improving the chances more people will link to your content on websites, articles, blogs, and social media posts.

Link Optimization

Improving internal, external, and inbound links in your website to boost your page relevancy on search engines. Optimizing internal URL structures, link metadata, crawl bot tags for smart linking of your content.

Local SEO

Improving the search visibility of your business on Google. Whether your business is a local grocery store or pet store, your business' visibility will be optimized in Google Maps and local Google results by creating business listings on Google MyBusiness and Bing Places. Also, Florida Marketing will manage your business' reputation on your search engine business listings and social media business profile pages.

On-Page SEO

Improving your website's content and metadata such as internal and outbound link data and structures, title and header tags, keyword occurrences, and image metadata. Florida Marketing will also optimize your website through other various methods for mobile-friendliness, usability, and page speed performance.

Off-Site SEO

Getting reputable sites and people to share your content, mention your brand, and link to your pages. Creating high-quality page content for brand awareness and likeability from third-party websites and social media users.

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SEO Best Practices

SEO tips and tricks for the best SEO business plan.

Focus on Mobile-Friendly

New websites should be built with an emphasis on being mobile-friendly. More people use mobile devices than desktops and Google favors mobile websites for mobile users.

Keyword & Competitor Analysis

I will typically use local Google Trends to find what the most populated keywords users are searching for. I also research the keywords and SEO strategies top competitors in are using to reveal their SEO strategies.

Authentic Content

I would avoid stuffing keywords in the titles, description, and content. You should include keywords that are similar and relevant to your targeted keywords because Google expects to have related keywords in your topics. The content needs to be reliable and useful to the users. Your business website will greatly benefit from having relevant and unique content.

Digital Media Metadata

You should include metadata for digital media such as images and videos. You should also include schema markup to give search engines information about your organization, products, services, etc.


Every posting and page should have categories and tags for organization and Google to crawl. If your website has a blog, the blog posts should be built with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) since Google tends to rank those pages higher for mobile devices.


Your site's URLs should be SEO-friendly. Instead of having, it should be Keep your URLs at most 60 characters. Avoid using characters that require encoding. You can enable friendly URLs in WordPress by going to settings -> permalinks.

Sitemaps & Indexing

You should also have a XML sitemap that you should submit to Google and Bing webmaster tools to alert the search engines about changes in the site. Use Google Webmaster Tools to make sure the website is entirely accessible for Google to crawl and for submitting pages and sitemaps to the index.

Achieving #1 is not always guaranteed

Getting top results is not always guaranteed, (for example, it would be impossible for a small retail business to compete with retailers like Walmart or Amazon). The best way to go is to focus on long tail keywords since they are more specific and targeted.

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