Full-Stack Development

Professional full-stack web development and web design services in .

Utilizing the Full-Stack

I have over 7 years of experience in many client-side and server-side technologies including HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, PHP, and MySQL. Utilizing these technologies, I develop professional websites for local businesses. These websites mostly work with Linux and Apache web servers but can expand to use a Windows IIS server if your website runs on .NET or IIS. I also do WordPress development including plugins and themes development. WordPress and other types of business websites will require MySQL or SQL databases that store product, service, order, and customer data. Websites that don't require a database and that are front-end only can be built with a front-end framework such as Bootstrap for total design customizations.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Websites that are not mobile-optimized will rank lower in Google. Florida Marketing makes sure every client website is responsive and mobile-friendly, meaning every page and element on your site will resize itself by re-organizing content according to the screen size of the customer's device. Customers on your website use smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, so it is important that your website is "responsive" to those devices. Florida Marketing employs a mobile-first design when designing and coding webpages for clients, which is prioritizing compatibility for mobile devices in the development process.

Web Development Platforms

Technologies used in the development of client websites.

CodeIgniter Logo


Web applications like complex business systems, e-commerce websites, and content management systems built in CodeIgniter.

E-Commerce Websites for Businesses

WordPress 4+

Custom WordPress websites with custom development on themes and plugins. Supported plugins include WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and more.

Internet Marketing for Businesses


Utilizing the latest web technologies and standards with HTML5 and CSS3, the fabric of websites.

Responsive Websites

Bootstrap 4+

Bootstrap is a CSS framework for creating responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

Full Stack Services

The full stack development process from design to delivery

Web Design

Whether you provide the designs or not, a web design will be made to reflect your brand’s identity and style. A great design is focused on the user experience which consists of navigability (the ease of navigating through your website), usability (the ability to perform functions without problems on your website), and accessibility (the ability to access every section and corner of your website). Having a simple, concise, and consistent theme is the best way to provide good navigability, usability, and accessibility. The web design process at Florida Marketing uses a mobile first strategy, which means the web design is built with an emphasis on mobile devices first and resultingly easing the design process for other devices.

Web Development

After a design is produced, the coding begins. The web development process is focused on creating an exact replica of the web design in code with security, compatibility, and search engine optimization in mind. Every element in the code is double-checked for quality and security assurance. Documentation is placed in the code to provide comprehensibility for future developments. A development version of the web project will be developed so that you can track and provide feedback on the current progress of the project. Every digital product, whether it is a website or desktop software, has hidden or missed bugs.


After every development phase includes testing and debugging to reduce the number of bugs and maintain an error-free user experience in the final product. Both client-side and server-side scripts are closely inspected for defects and errors and proper solutions are implemented when tested.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is performed on the finished product including content optimization and the additions of meta information for search engines to track. Your web presence should provide relevant content that matches the searched keywords potential leads and clients are searching for. Every image and page need to have meta information to explain to search engines what they mean and are being used for. Your company deserves an SEO ready website to grow your company’s presence on the web and rake in more potential clients.

Web Server, Domains, and Hosting Management

Florida Marketing web deployment service removes the hassle of manually moving your finished project to the web. Proper domain and DNS management are used to point your domain names to the right web servers and virtual hosts. Security features will also be implemented on the web server, using plugins or configurations, to protect your websites from attackers and rogue bots. Florida Marketing works with both Apache and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web servers on dedicated or managed Linux and Windows servers.

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